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Every two years, on alternating sides of the Atlantic, an International Meeting reunites the members of the IF and the School around a theme decided upon at the previous Meeting.

Each Meeting is an occasion for gathering together, for a day and half, the groups of the IF and the School, with the goal of bringing to bear-on orientation and function-our acquired experience and evolving circumstances.

« Anxiety, how to make it speak ? »

XII° Rendez-vous of the IF-SPFLF

« Knowledge and ignorance in the passage to the analyst »

VIII° International Meeting of the School

1 - 5 May 2024
Paris, France



  • 1st May : Symposium on the pass + meetings (REP, RIHPNA...)
  • 2 May : School meeting organised by the CIG/CAOE
  • 3 and 4 May: International Rendez-vous
  • 5 May : General Assemblies of the IF and the School

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Scientific Committee : Patrick Barillot (Responsible), Sandra Berta, Roser Casalprim Maresch, Nadine Cordova, Gabriel Lombardi, Diego Mautino, Beatriz Maya, Carmelo Scuderi, Marc Strauss, Anna Wojakowska-Skiba

Organising committee : Cathy Barnier, Bernard Brunie, Aurélie Caulier, Dominique Champroux, Nadine Cordova (Responsible for the organization), Frédérique Decoin-Vargas, Séverine Derrey, Nathalie Dollez, Alexandre Faure, Patrica Gavilanes, Dimitra Giannaka, Céline Guégan-Casagrande, Carole Leymarie, Fernando Martínez (Argentina), Lucile Mons, Tania Navarro, Kristèle Nonnet-Pavois, Claire Parada, Michèle Paperman, Jose Alejandro Perez Betancur, Christine Silbermann, Irène Tu Ton, Anastasia Tzavidopoulou, Angélique Walter

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