Jacques Lacan, Portrait

International of Forums
School of Psychoanalysis of the Forums of the Lacanian Field


The website of the International of the Forums and the School of Psychoanalysis is designed to provide information about the option which belongs specifically to it, within the context of the psychoanalysis of our time. Our era is not Freud's; psychoanalysis has changed. Today it is possible for many more people to become knowledgeable about the function of a School of psychoanalysis and the manner in which it achieves its goals.

You can know , said Lacan. Since Freud, one knows that a psychoanalysis depends on the encounter with a psychoanalyst, but it is indispensable to make known, in the present moment, what justifies the existence of a School of psychoanalysis.

On this site, you will find the history of our movement; become aware of its international scope; learn about its orienting texts, its organizational bodies, its publications, and people to contact for more information about its activities.


Internationale des Forums - École de Psychanalyse des Forums du Champ Lacanien
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