New development 3, Catherine Millet

After the physicist Etienne Klein with whom we have spoken about the desire of the researcher and of the desire at stake in science, and Denis Podalydès who evoked for us the avatars of his performance, we have met with Catherine Millet, writer and art critic.

Catherine Millet is the founder and director of the contemporary art review, Art Press, author of several works on contemporary art and is known by the wider public after the publication of her first book of autobiography, The Sexual Life of Catherine M, where she evokes her sexuality as a libertine woman, followed by another, Jealousy: The Other Life of Catherine M [Jour de souffrance], which describes the torments of jealousy – not the least of paradoxes … Is her shift from the pre-eminence of the gaze in her activity as art critic to the art of literary writing yet another?

Editing Thibault Dolhem and Cathy Barnier.

One thought on “New development 3, Catherine Millet

  1. Hi there,
    Merci pour de nous faire partager ce riche interview, I totally agree with the concept of ” hors espece ” it rings so true, yes writing definitively takes you away from the bondage of the body form! The real can be introduced to the fiction with less harm, I say.
    We’d love to hear more of your shared experiences between Psychoanalysis Writing and Art…
    God bless.
    Christine Hopper.

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