New development 2, Denis Podalydès

After the physicist Etienne Klein with whom we spoke about the desire at stake in science, we have now talked with Denis Podalydès and he has evoked for us the avatars of his performance. Denis Podalydès is known by theatre lovers and the general public: Member of the Society of the Comédie-Francaise, actor, producer, script writer and author, he has also played in numerous films. His latest book, Flee Penelope, has just been published by Mercure de France.

Cameraman : Jean-René Duveau

New development 1, Etienne Klein

What do you understand by “The paradoxes of desire”?

Cathy Barnier and Marc Strauss have asked some people who are not psychoanalysts this question; people whose achievements testify to an indisputable desire.

The first is Etienne Klein, who is well known in France for he regularly speaks about science on the radio. He is a physicist, Director of Research at the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), a writer and a mountaineer.

With him, we are inaugurating a series that will include artists, lawyers and others as well…


Cameraman Hayati Basarslan