New development 6, Thierry Lévy

“The Boxer”

Opposed to the privation of liberty, hostile to all judgment, Thierry Lévy is a singular lawyer, at odds with the prevailing discourse in the judiciary system. He is referred to as a “boxer” because of the power of his speeches for the defense!

When psychoanalysis affirms and reveals the indefensible in each one of us, Thierry Lévy radically refuses the notion of “monster” and affirms, loud and clear, the duty of defending all the accused, sometimes against himself.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating interview that he kindly granted to Cathy Barnier and Marc Strauss

New development 5, Pierre Meunier

“The man who knows how to make an object speak…”

Pierre Meunier is a sculptor, author and director of a distinctive kind… Most frequently he starts with inert objects in constructing his shows, raw materials from which he makes, through the magic of his writing and the originality of his productions, true partners of the actors on the stage. Seeking to captivate with the strangeness of these presences that so stimulate his imaginary, he arouses a poetic confusion, an intimate reverie in the minds of members of the audience.
His path traverses circus, cinema and theatre.

In the next in this series of interviews with non-psychoanalysts on the theme of our impending Congress, “Paradoxes of Desire”, Cathy Barnier and Marc Strauss met with him.

New development 4, Thomas Schlesser

After the physicist Etienne Klein on the desire of the researcher and of science, Denis Podalydès on the paradox of the desire of the actor, and Catherine Millet on the one who showed her her pathway to literary writing, Irène Tu Ton, Cathy Barnier and Marc Strauss met with art historian, Thomas Schlesser, to continue these exchanges on “The paradoxes of desire”.

Thomas Schlesser is Director of the Hartung-Bergman foundation in Antibes, and author of several works on caricature and censorship, as well as the Réceptions de Courbet, fantasmes réalistes et paradoxes de la démocratie [Receptions of Courbet: realistic fantasies and paradoxes of democracy]. Here he gives us his version of the desire of the creator, illustrating in a surprising way what Lacan says to us about the “Thing” that spits.

Cameraman : Jean-René Duveau, editing Jean-René Duveau and Cathy Barnier

New development 3, Catherine Millet

After the physicist Etienne Klein with whom we have spoken about the desire of the researcher and of the desire at stake in science, and Denis Podalydès who evoked for us the avatars of his performance, we have met with Catherine Millet, writer and art critic.

Catherine Millet is the founder and director of the contemporary art review, Art Press, author of several works on contemporary art and is known by the wider public after the publication of her first book of autobiography, The Sexual Life of Catherine M, where she evokes her sexuality as a libertine woman, followed by another, Jealousy: The Other Life of Catherine M [Jour de souffrance], which describes the torments of jealousy – not the least of paradoxes … Is her shift from the pre-eminence of the gaze in her activity as art critic to the art of literary writing yet another?

Editing Thibault Dolhem and Cathy Barnier.